Turning blockchain green since 2017

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Written By Dibash Sarkar

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We’re on a mission to transform the potential that blockchain technology has for positive impact into reality.

  • Sustainable consensus algorithm
  • Utilising proof of stake, a low energy alternative to proof of work consensus.
  • Proprietary BitGreen Protocol
  • Featuring key technologies such as segwit and deterministic masternodes.
  • Network strength
  • Benefiting from strong Masternode growth, in excess of 2300 active nodes.
  • Community at heart
  • BitGreen has always been a community driven project.

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BitGreen is your dashboard to everyday impact

In a world saturated by ‘informational noise’, our platform enables our community to discover and act on everyday actions and purchases that mitigate their negative environmental footprint, contribute to a regenerative economy, and foster a more just, healthy society.

The impact dream team

We connect (both in soul and API) with the companies, organizations and communities who are leading the fight for a healthier tomorrow, enabling you to support and earn from their work.

You could be earning BITG by carpooling on a ride-hailing app, and spending on the best coffee in town (both for your tastebuds and the farming community who grew the beans). You can earn BITG by volunteering your time, and spend it on a custom print. You could…we think you get it.

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The BITGREEN Blockchain

Blockchain technology powers the BitGreen network, allowing for a tradeable store of value that is entirely dedicated to energizing sustainable commerce and impactful behavior.

  • Decentralized
  • No one owns the foundation who operates and maintains the system.
  • Immutable
  • No one can change any records of impact or transactions.
  • Transparent
  • Anyone can have access to all records on the blockchain dating to the founding of the coin.
  • Private, safe and secure
  • You’ll never have to share any info on your identity and behavior. All we can see is a wallet number.
  • Power in community

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And if you own any BITG…well, that makes you part of the community, so get involved!

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